Application Process

Applying to an Independent School

Where do you start? Navigating the application process for Independent Schools can be overwhelming as well as exciting. Here are some tips to get you started through the process.

Your first step is research! After you have created your "wish list" of the perfect school you should browse school websites and attend the EBISA School Fair to obtain further information. Call or email the Admissions Offices at the schools to which you plan to apply and schedule a time to visit. Most schools offer tours and open houses and some also host additional informational events. After visiting schools, you should create a short list of which schools you are applying to.

Now you are ready to apply! The typical application package asks for the following:

  • An application and application fee
  • Parent/Guardian Statement
  • Teacher Recommendation Form(s)
  • A recent transcript and past standardized test results may also be required
  • Many middle schools require recent results from the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE)

Depending on the grade to which you are applying, some schools might ask for;

  • Student writing sample
  • Student portfolios
  • formal interview

Keep in mind that all schools have slightly different application processes and due dates. Review each one and make note of the due date for each application since they generally vary from one school to the next.

Most schools require an assessment for each child applying. These can take place on a weekday or weekend. Make note of these dates as well. The earlier you get your application in, the better chance you have of scheduling the assessment date of your choice.

Admissions offices are here to assist you through the process. Be sure to call or email and ask for any help that you may need. The staff wants to ensure that the admissions process is an overall positive experience and that there is a good match between your child and the school.