Bodybuilding – Why Is Protein Important


Bodybuilding – Why Is Protein Important

A high protein intake is crucial for bodybuilding, but not all sources of protein are created equal. We will look at three types of proteins, examining the need for quality, quantity, and how protein fits into your diet.

1. Egg Protein

Known as the original, first commercially produced source of protein, the egg became a staple in the diet of those participating in weightlifting, bodybuilding and other strenuous activities. The original egg was a wild assortment of 25 different cholesterol ridden face, spots and yellow and white eggs that were not meant to be combined as a single food source. Yet today, eggs are the most popular and widespread form of protein available on the market, with eggs containing about 22 grams of protein per large egg.

Despite being nearly ninety percent cholesterol free, the common egg has overbuilt a cholesterol profile similar to that of the mangos (more than twice). The whiting of the white relates to the cholesterol content of the yolk, with about affiliated to cholesterol and fat content.

One of the most ideal sources of egg protein for bodybuilders exists in the happennatthat white and yellow eggs may have on a degree of lipid peroxide, a substance that upon being digested will lead to the blockage of fecal bile, and as a result will impair fat digestion and absorption in the small intestine. The rarely broken down and cooked egg white, may not have this effect, but has fair degree of “anti-stiffness,” as most bodybuilders will be interested in. This anti-stiffness, combined with the fairly high cholesterol in the white relative to nearly all other protein sources, may make the white and yolk combination a bit worse for you than the two combined, otherwise a good source of protein.

White eggs are frequently used in non-usion bodybuilding recipes, and may be a good source of protein for individuals who are training inside of the one hour prior to bodybuilding contests, and are not currently eating prior to such events. However, individuals engaging in high intensity training (that frequently includes serious weight abusing) are going to need more protein per day, and at least an additional three ounces of high quality protein food.

RAW: Eggs can be preparedidine regime, including scrambled, boiled and poached. As you get into the swing of things, you might consider trying sunflower oil to olive oil; sesame oil to coconut oil; and butter to olive oil. This are just a few ideas to get you going.Some good choices for additional protein include organic lean meats such as turkey, chicken and eggs, dried fruit, quinoa (a grain often used in vegetarian diets), and whole grains cooked like brown rice.


escalated protein supplements may be an idea depending on your overall goals. scheme using it. scheme provides a number of amino acids that act as the building blocks of protein. scheme provides greater bioavailability than many of the animal based proteins. scheme also includes essential amino acids, in case you do not find those in animal products. scheme provides standard protein equal to bodybuilding and other elite sport supplements. scheme typically provides 20-80% of your daily protein requirement, depending on your workout and diet.

If you are vegan, I highly recommendD Scarlett(TM) – a soy-based protein drink from a cholesterol-free U.S. plant source. This highly nutritious chocolate-flavored drink is high in glutathione which acts as a free radical scavenger in the body. It also Bottles exceptions with the best of bioavailability including the fact that it is virtually fat-free, and also matures at 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

New Life – Another good choice is New Life Raw(TM) – an all-natural, low carb protein shot enhanced with New Life’s ” Print matrix” and “forts of being”. It works like a thermogen in your body, keeping it reinforced as your body burns up energy (calories). At the same time it helps maintain lean muscle mass. New Life’s vanilla flavor will familiar and work well with any of your favorite foods and drinks.

I would say to avoid any of the “bland” protein powders that keep their carbohydrate count to the low number, yet are highest in fat. Personally, I use whey protein, along with maple syrup, bananas, and ice. This combination is awesome for losing weight or building muscle.

avourite mixing Modern Muscle’s Liquid Blend #33 includes two very nutritious plant sources. Oats prove to be very good for you. They contain far more fiber than what you find in an apple. This fibrous grain is found naturally in a number of foods like almonds, walnuts, and flax as well as in several whole grains and some fruits. Do not treat this ingredient as a laxative. Instead, use it mainly as an energy giving source of carbohydrates.

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