How to Help a Woman Reach Orgasm


A commonly used word that carries a complex set of implications. Sex is naturally one of the most important parts of life. We take it lightly, more than other modern activities. The tendency of sex to become an entanglement of biological and emotional activities is such that it needs proper management.

The word Viagra implies an active sexual life. That is why the stock of this product is increasing day by day. The potential of this herb must be understood. In case you do not have the book on herbal medicine please do some research on the internet.  There is a herb called Vigara which does not only help in treating diabetes but also promotes a healthy sex life. There are many other herbs like Gaucho, Drilizen that also promote a healthy sex life. There can be no supplement that can help you to keep in your weight the same percentage for a long time unless it is maintained through wrong attitudes and wrong thought. It means to say that there must be a total change in your lifestyle.

Why this problem occurs will become clear when we discuss the problem in detail.

It is natural for both the partners to get an arousal when they are being intimate. This is the excitement and the pleasure that comes with sex. The initial stage lasts for a few seconds but after some minutes the two partners will start to exchange words. The words are of course dirty but exchanged without any improper feeling. This stage is called arousal. Once this stage has passed, the couple should decide what further steps need to be taken in order to get to the goal of the sexual intercourse.

This is the time when the husband wants to penetrate his wife and the wife wants to allow her husband to penetrate her but the trouble is that the gals are not prepared yet. They didn’t put on any lingerie yet and they didn’t start on the foreplay. They didn’t start on the sex position yet.

They are not ready for the intercourse yet. It is all the more important that the partners are willing to make that step. In case you want to keep your weight on her you will surely catch her attention and she will not let you off her. There is no other way.

The steps to follow are simple and none of them are surprises.

The moment she is completely wet, you can take her. You need to be careful of her wet spots, otherwise you will hurt yourself with a sore penis. The most sensitive part of a woman’s private part is the clitoris. Practice caressing, licking and sucking on this part and your gushing with the semen will be rewarded with more orgasms.

The moment you enter her the moment you feel like entering her, you will be able to see her reaction. Her eyes may close or she may look up with a secret smile. She will let you know in these cases, that she is ready and would like you to continue.

No woman likes to wait and make no woman likes to be teased. She wants you to penetrate her and fondle her way through the orgasm. This is how it begins and if you follow through you will have your satisfaction long before.

There is really no easy or quick way to help a woman reach orgasm. However, an understanding partner will be able to guide you along the way.