Sensual and Sexual Massage Techniques


I’m going to show you sensual and sexual massage techniques that will have her Melting and So Hot! This particular type of massage is an older technique, but it works. It was developed thousands of years ago and has been around forever. It is based on gently “changing” the muscles and applying light touch to the entire surface of the body.

How to give a great sensual and sexual massage

You want to want to give your partner a great massage. Not just a normal kneading. You want to ensure that the time to enter is after she has had a great orgasm. The sex of a relationship is the intercourse part. This massage guide goes into the nitty gritty of how to give a great massage.

You will learn all the stops and low-down sensitive areas to make sure she is ready for the major sexual massage. You will learn where to put your hands, how to use your fingers, how to put lotion on your hands, and how to have some water-based lubrication nearby just in case that is needed.

The best part is that this particular massage guide comes with 15 easy-to-learn and easy-to-apply massage techniques. It has information on giving long slow massages, achieving total relaxation, and making your partner so hot and bothered that they want to throw your body on the bed.

The massage techniques are followed by 2 beautiful erotic paintings by the famous erotic artist, known for her erotic and sensual images of nude and semi-nude women. One has a great sensual and erotic massage technique called, “The chorus of the thrush.” This is a recreation of one of the oldest Taoist erotic stories. It is full of sexual pleasure and spiced up with a great warm oil massage.

If you like, you can even look at the progress that Christiano has made since first seeing this painting in 2010. I can tell you it has improved since then and it is even better than ever. You can see all the techniques mentioned in the painting and many others at Soculum Sexual is a greater full of information on giving your massage and erotic massages.

I do massage myself as well and I like to let my lover do it because it is so nice to please the whole body. Sex and sexuality are great ways to connect with your partner in a way that is very pleasurable and intimate. Giving one to the other is enjoyable too.

You will find that Sex and Sexuality are great ways to relax, unwind, and be pleasured by your partner. If you are finding pleasure and joy in doing this and then sharing this pleasure with your partner, then you are taking a step toward discovering the full expression of your God-given femininity and sexuality.

You can get all the knowledge mentioned above in a herbal sex enhancer that is safe and natural. They make great sex toys too! Just be sure to check the ingredients so you know you are getting the best!