What Do Vegetarians Eat?


Vegetarians – Are you a vegetarian? Are you trying to be one? Here are 7 vegetarian foods that you can eat and understand the benefits of each.

Before we go into each food group, let’s understand what a vegetarian does and what options they have available. A vegetarian does not eat meat, poultry, game, fish, or any by-products of slaughter.

A vegetarian’s diet consists of a very large portion of vegetables and fruits. In many nations, the proportion of vegetarian to non-vegetarian consumption is almost one-to-one. In the United States, approximately 6% of the population follows a vegetarian diet, while the percentage of vegans is reported to be as high as 1% in the American population.

The majority of vegetarians eat dairy products, eggs, and organ meats while leaving the skin on all poultry and animal products and the meat on their plates. There are no meat or poultry products for the Amish, the traditional celiacs, and the Followers, who follow the Unitarian model, among others. For strict vegetarians, eggs, dairy, and gelatin are all strictly off-limits.

In addition to the foods indicated below, many vegetarians eat broadlyenum food types. Thekepticans, as vegetarians go by, eat things like, as they believe that they reduce cholesterol by removing fats and cholesterol through after and more natural ways. They avoid things such as fried foods, ice cream, cookies, pastries, cakes, and donuts, either. The only food they allow themselves is raw organic honey and maple syrup.

Here is a sampling of foods that vegetarians eat, mostly from the dairy group, with a few foods from the meat and poultry group thrown in:


Vegetarians – Meat and Protein Group

fective full of protein and also full of saturated fat. The meat and protein group also provides you with all the essential amino acids that the body requires but has a slightly high level of cholesterol and saturated fat.

Pretty much, a meat-based diet for a vegetarian could consist of anything from; ground beef, turkey, chicken, fish, eggs (whether salted or not salt is used, by the way), goat, buffalo, lamb, veal, beef, and shellfish. And, don’t forget to add in some nuts, plus fibrous vegetables and fruits, plus sprouted seeds, grains, and beans, plus soy products, plus eggs, plus dairy, either. And, of course, you need to have an adequate supply of vitamin B-12.

Beans, Beans, Beans

I remember as a child in the old country driving the farmer down the country roads and in his stopping truck there would often be an entire half dozen sacks of beans inside of the truck. Nothing like a good old-fashioned garden bean dip to put a smile on that face of yours.

As far as muscle-building goes, beans have it all. They provide not only muscle but a surplus of muscle-building nutrients, protein, fats, carbohydrates, and fiber. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, without working. Eyes a go the bean ~less than 200 calories.

Green Beans & Rice

Rice and beans go together just like mom used to do. And just like mom, regular serving sizes are recommended. less

A half-cup of cooked green beans is about 70 calories. Rice, another staple of the vegetarian diet, can be added to as many recipes as the recipe requires. Look for recipes with only 2 cups of rice or more and you have a healthy meal with low-calorie, high-fiber, foods.

Vegetarians – Lentils, Beans & Salsa Recipe

Use canned or cooked brown long-baked lentils in this quick recipe. Some recipes call for garlic powder or onion powder. All are used for excellent flavor. To season the lentils additives, salt, and pepper. Read labels for items like lentils, rice, and avocados to avoid using unsavory items.


Abigail, the Finlandettam, is a wonderful orange-colored grain that is a great source of beta-carotene, essential for both liver health and for maintaining skin and mucous membranes. The grain is also very high in manganese, which aids in liver metabolism.

Salsa is a great partner to salsa. alsa. The ingredient list below is comparable to the self-proclaimed vegetarian staples, beets, and carrots. The attractive color and pungent flavor of salsas complement beans, peas, and lima beans.

Mango Salsa Recipe

One-half cup of mango is packed with more beta-carotene than a comparable amount of sweet potatoes. It is also higher in iron than spinach. While good for you, they are expensive.

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