Mountain Bike Frames – What You Must Know Before You purchase a Mountain Bike

Mountain Bike

Before you simply buy a mountain bike, you should fully examine your cycling needs. The type of mountain bike you require will depend on whether you will be riding on trails and dirt tracks or on lanes and well-maintained roads. How much of a grainer do you want to be? This will ultimately determine the sort of frame that you require.

Mountain Bike – Rules For buying Mountain bike frames

If you want a ladies mountain bike, make sure it has a women’s geometry frame. Ladies’ bikes have different sized frames than mountain bikes for men. You may also want to check the seat, cranks and other specifications of the bike if you are buying it for your kid or wife.

You should only buy mountain bike frames if you know exactly what you are looking for. If in doubt, you may want to buy a standard bike or a conversion frame. Manufacturers usually have guidelines (read manufacturers manual or contact their customer service) stating whether a certain type of frame is suitable for a given model or rider.

Buying used Mountain bike frames

A great way to buy second-hand Mountain bike frames is through the Internet. An excellent place to find reliable and high quality second-hand bike frame is through the Internet reaches thousands of people. Buyers can read reviews and messages on bikes sent from other buyers, on sites like, and Craigslist. Often, persons selling used bikes have clean records and good feedback ratings.

Another good place to find cheap used mountain bike frames is through charity auctions. Donations are usually only a small portion of the proceeds from auctions go to fund-raising campaigns of the particular charity. Donations can also be given in the form of raffle tickets.

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Great place to buy premium frames for mountain bikes

Many fancy mountain bike manufacturers have developed their own lines of frames. Quality frames costs more than entry-level ones. Superior quality frame players command higher prices than entry-level ones. They can be purchased directly from the companies themselves or from bike shops that specialize in bike supplies. Each manufacturer has its own specifications and fee for the frames it will grant to customers.

Mountain Bike

End-of-line refurbished Mountain bike frames

Some very good deals on bikes that have been refurbished are offered by local bike shops on condition that the bike has previously been owned by them. This can be somewhat tricky since bike shops have to follow different rules as far as owning a refurbished frame is concerned and often times, the bike won’t register for insurance or for the purchase of a bike. Still, it can be done, particularly on stronger bikes that previous owners are likely to keep out of the street.

Each frame of a refurbished bike is inspected by a bike mechanic to assure its quality and safety. No parts of it are new, and most bike shops will replace all the components in the frame with the same components that they were carrying before the bike was stolen.

Buying a brand new bike

In some cases, it is financially more sensible to buy a new bike. You can enjoy riding it immediately but you will need to spend money on a tune-up or some minor repair. New mountain bike frames take as long as three weeks to build from parts and paint. You can drop the bike off at a bike shop come maintenance and have the rest of the parts and accessories delivered on the same day or the next day.

Regardless of how much time you spend on researching different mountain bike frames, it is not feasible to expect the deals to match. You should decide what type of frame you want and pick a reputable manufacturer, select the best price you can for your needs and go shopping. You can all go online and compare prices, but you will probably get so used to the sales page prices that you will automatically be 27% more likely to pay it.

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